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With FileMaker solutions either built from the ground up or utilising existing Cordis modules, nobody is better at FileMaker than Cordis. If you want a solution built from scratch, or want an existing system developed further, Cordis can help you. Whether it's building a website that interacts with an existing FileMaker solution, or simply building a standalone web application, Cordis offer a totally integrated solution from concept, to design, to programming, to hosting. Cordis offers advanced FileMaker support services. Perhaps you have a FileMaker solution developed in-house, or simply need additional expertise to help maintain your system. Cordis has the flexibility to shape a solution around you.
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Cordis have large amounts of experience in designing and maintaining hosting for FileMaker solutions. If you've got a FileMaker solution that needs to be available over the Internet, let Cordis help you deliver this with ease and reliability. So you've got an existing system but you don't know how well it's put together or whether it's going to continue to perform reliably. What's the best first step? We'll review it, audit it and present our findings, making the process easy for you. If you're developing your own FileMaker solution but would benefit from regular feedback and advice, our FileMaker Coach service is perfect for you. We've got the friendliest developers, who are more than keen to share their experience and tips!
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