Cordis are today (4th August, 2010) releasing at no cost our brand new application VinoFile, designed for use on the ground breaking ‘FileMaker Go’ platform.

As part of Cordis’ commitment to developing the most innovative, user-focussed and business friendly systems using FileMaker, we have developed VinoFile, designed for wine lovers who want to drink wine, collect wine and share those experiences with others.

VinoFile provides you with a highly usable system for storing information against your wine collection, including wine reviews, stock control, sharing with FaceBook, complimenting food notes and organising your ‘Wine Friends’.

VinoFile takes the power of FileMaker Go and combines that with an application that manages something a lot of us enjoy, wine.

VinoFile has been designed to manage your wine collection, allowing you to keep track of what you drink, how much stock you hold for it, who you drank your wines with and what you thought about each wine.

Cordis strongly believes in the business potential with the FileMaker Go platform, and decided to use VinArhive as the perfect application to demonstrate the possibilities of this new technology, and at the same time allow users to have fun and get some extra value out of their iPad and iPhone devices.

“VinoFile is a great system for everyone who enjoys wine and has a collection of any size at home, from a few bottles to a few hundred bottles. We developed this system because we wanted to let people explore FileMaker Go by managing information that they find interesting, engaging and well suited to an immersive browsing device such as the iPad or iPhone.“ commented Daniel Box, Managing Director - Cordis.

“FileMaker Go offers our development team a great opportunity to put FileMaker in the hands of users in their natural working environments. From photographers accessing job details during a shoot to sales teams viewing client contact information while on the road, we’re going to use FileMaker Go to build some of the most valuable business applications on the market. VinoFile is a fun way to start that and we hope people enjoy using it.” added Rob Speakman, Lead Developer - Cordis.

For more information about this product, download a brochure.

How can you get a copy of VinoFile?

Cordis are offering copies of VinoFile at no cost for a strictly limited period. If you’d like a copy of VinoFile, contact us directly on;

Phone - 0845 680 1071
Email -

For more information about this product, download a brochure.