FileMaker Development

Start with the Best

With FileMaker solutions either built from the ground up or utilising existing Cordis modules, nobody is better at FileMaker than Cordis. If you want a solution built from scratch, or an existing system developed further, Cordis can help you.

What Makes Us Different?

There are literally hundreds of FileMaker developers for you to choose from. We believe however that there are several compelling reasons to choose us. Now let us share them with you some of the uniqueness of our approach that we believe makes a sustainable and noticeable difference.

Interface Focused

This flies in the face of traditional software development convention, but we believe that convention in respect to FileMaker development is wrong. With a Cordis development, a tremendous amount of focus is placed on the interface - both in terms of how it functions and how it looks. Importantly, this is also where we usually start in both creating the specification and coding.

This method works because it allows you to see what you are getting and conceptualise how the system will work before committing time and expense in writing the underlying code. Also, by remaining interface focused effectively means we are remaining user focused - and it's by remaining user focused that allows us to develop systems that users actually want to use. This of course is critical to adoption and ease of rollout.

Baby Step Strategy

Contrary to most software development approaches, we try to talk you into committing to a smaller project rather than a bigger one. This is because that we know from experience that our customers who begin with the smallest and focused developments to begin with are the most successful of getting the greatest return on their investment. Trying the 'big bang' approach is usually the method favoured by our competitors, and in our opinion is also the method that usually ensures the project ends up taking 3 times longer and costs 4 times as much. In short, it's our focus on ensuring you get a return on your software investment that has kept our customers coming back for more.

Standards Based

We've developed our own development conventions. This means that all of our developers create software in exactly the same way. What's more, we make those standards available to you so that if you want to take the system further yourself, you can, and the groundwork will have been laid for you. Most importantly, out standards ensure that you don't develop yourself into a nightmare. Our standards include:

  • Field naming conventions
  • Relationship naming conventions
  • Relationship diagram conventions
  • Version control

Getting Started

How you start is up to you. If you want to have an informal chat about your aspirations for a system you wish to develop, give us a call. We're happy to meet at your place or ours.

If you are at the very initial stages of your project, we recommend developing a Specification Document. To make it easier, Cordis have created a guide and a series of downloadable templates for you to use.

Writing a Specification
writing specification brochure To help our customers complete a specification, Cordis has written beginners guide to putting together a specification. If you'd like a copy, simply fill in the form below and we'd be happy to send you one.
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