FileMaker Coach

We have completely revamped our FileMaker Coach service, now concentrating on providing quality FileMaker guidance, support and development for our customers who want to do as much of the development as possible.

We started offering this service because so many of our customers have said that if they'd sought our help earlier they would have saved literally hundres of hours.

What Is It?

Our FileMaker Coach Service is charged by the hour and can be conducted either onsite in our office or yours, remotely via phone or electronically via email, instant messaging or screen sharing.

There are two distinct areas of our FileMaker Coach service:

  1. System Architect - When advice and guidance is needed on overall solution architecture
  2. Developer Skills - When assistance is needed at a fundamental development level. This can be either FileMaker based in terms of dealing with relationships, scripts and general FileMaker architectural questions, or it could be web also. If this is the first time you've taken your FileMaker data to the web, you'll find our knowledge in this area invaluable.

Typically, the System Architect Coaching is required at the outset of your development while the Developer Skills coaching comes both when you're in the middle of your development as well as performing ongoing improvements and maintenance.

How Does it Work?

It is very much a case of every project is different, however, if we are involved in supporting you from the outset we advise the following approach.

Session 1:

  • You tell us what you are trying to do
  • You have an idea of how you wish to approach it in terms of databases / tables / fields and relationships
  • We go over that detail with you and point out any potential pitfalls with the approach and make recommendations for alternatives

Time: 2hrs

Session 2:

  • The next sessions are to review development
  • The frequency and quantity of sessions is purely based on what you think is most useful to you
  • We review the development you have done since the last session and advise on areas of improvement and areas of potential concern
  • We review your next stage of development and provide guidance and a potential path, focusing on relationship structure, scripts and interfaces

Time: 1 - 2hrs per session

Adhoc Phone

Throughout your development you'll come against situations where either you're stuck in terms of solving a particular problem or you have a choice of various paths and you'd to bounce the options off of us to determine the best path.

In these scenarios, our FileMaker Coaching service is ideal because we only charge in increments of 15 minutes for our contracted customers.

You can call as often as you like and you'll only be charged a minimum of 15 minutes rather than the normal hour or quite often daily minimum.

Time: 15 to 30 mins per phone call

Pre-Launch Session

We advise that you have a session with us before commencing your development.

Time: 1 - 2hrs per session


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What Does it Cost?

FileMaker Coaching is charged in increments of 15 minutes. This is to give you absolute flexibility in how we support you - for example, say you are mid way through your development and simply have a couple of quick questions that are key to the next stage, you'll only be charged a minimum of 15 minutes rather than a minimum hour or even full day.


  • 5 hours - £450
  • 10 hours - £850