FileMaker Check-Up

The Cordis FileMaker Checkup Service provides you with the opportunity of receiving professional feedback on your system with a report that makes recommendations on where you should be making improvements and details of any significant risks.

Who is this for?

Our FileMaker Checkup service is designed for two different types of people.

Firstly, if you are the owner or manager of a business or department and are dependent on a FileMaker solution but without any knowledge of how it is put together, we will tell you so that you can make an informed decision about potential risks. Secondly, and equally importantly, if you're an in-house developer and you simply want a professional opinion and analysis of your development so that you can be assured if it's fit for purpose, our FileMaker Checkup service will provide you with peace of mind.

What does a Checkup Report look like?

Our report assess the following areas - and gives each area a score out of 10, lists areas for improvement and makes recommendations in order of importance.

1. ER Diagram

We look at how the ER Diagram is constructed and make an assessment of how modular it is, how it will cope with change and whether it should be broken up into more logical chunks of data. We'll also tell you about any risks that are inherent with the current structure.

2. Naming conventions (field / table / databases)

As solutions get bigger, so does the need to adhere to conventions. There are many around - some more complex than others. We will consider the conventions you may have applied and test them for comprehension and varying scenarios. If you don't have any conventions, we will provide you with a base set of our own and provide instruction on how to apply them.

3. Errors (fields / table occurrences / scripts)

There are many areas of your solution that can contain errors caused by various developer errors. For example, trying to go to a related record via an invalid relationship. There are literally 100s of examples and our analysis will list them all for you.

4. Data structure (normalisation etc)

Getting the data structure right is the key to providing your solution with a framework for flexibility as well as being the pivotal aspect of allowing you to draw reports. It's often said that the key purpose of a database solution is to provide a reporting function, and if you're data structure is compromised, then your entire solution will be too.

5. Navigation

Does your system use consistent navigation? Is it intuitive? Will it cope with growth in the system? Does it offer flexibility to change? Does it offer the potential to nest sub-navigation elements? We'll make recommendations that will help prevent you from developing yourself into a corner.


How much does it cost?

Our reports are charged on a metric based on the number of databases and tables as per below:

Base fee:£400 / $1000 AUD
Cost per database:£100 / $200 AUD
Cost per table:£20 / $40 AUD

So, for example, if you had a solution that was spread out amongst 4 databases with 20 tables between them the fee for FileMaker Checkup would be:

Base Fee:£400 / $1000 AUD
4 @ £100 / $200 AUD
£400 / $800 AUD
20 @ £20 / $40 AUD
£400 / $800 AUD
Total£1200 / $2600 AUD

As an additional option, you can elect to have a 1 hour session with a senior developer to go over your report and seek additional advice for £150 / $300 AUD. If you need advice on an ongoing basis, you may wish to consider our FileMaker Coach service.

Cost per database: Cost per table: Base Fee: Databases - Tables - Total = Additional advice -