Case Study: PrintTiger


PrintTiger is a web-based print procurement application designed to minimise spend on printing and maximise productivity. PrintTiger is a hosted application, developed by Cordis Technologies, that provides an electronic interface between print buyers and print suppliers while being centrally managed by procurement departments to exchange and respond to RFQs (Request for Quotations).

PrintTiger has been written entirely in FileMaker 8.5, and uses custom PHP code to deliver it to the web. PrintTiger provides customers with transparency and control. The system is an effective and affordable choice to many Corporate organisation, public sector bodies (universities and local authorities in particular) and the print publishing industry.

The Results

Since launching PrintTiger in a commercial context, Cordis have managed to bring on five major customers, saving them collectively in excess of £2million per annum.

One of our pilot customers, the University of Southampton is responsible for an annual print spend of circa £750,000, which is facilitated through a network of 50 buyers. In the face of new government legislation (the Public Contracts Regulation 2006), the University now needs to display strict transparency to all print purchases. The University use PrintTiger to achieve this, and at the same time enjoy savings of over 14% on print purchases, (over £105,000 p/a).

"We looked at a range of procurement and auction tools, but none of them could handle the complexity of print buying like PrintTiger."
Justin Candy, Head of Procurement, University of Southampton

Areas of Innovation

  • Bringing FileMaker to the Web
  • We've used Ajax technology with Filemaker Server to improve performance and usability
  • Use of Filemaker 9 Server script scheduling function for routine updates of complex calculation fields in order to improve database performance
  • Integration of Filemaker data with 3rd party charting software
  • Plays to the strength of FileMaker and the web in one solution

Key Features

  • Simple, web-based interface
  • Performance reports
  • Templates
  • Graphical analysis
  • Email alerts
  • Multi-user capability
  • System Branding (PrintTiger is highly configurable to promote and support the identity of our customers - the University of Southampton is a good example of this)
  • File transfer (allows artwork to be stored centrally with the print quote and order, making it a much neater solution)
Client Version:Filemaker 9
Server Version:Filemaker Server 9 Advanced
Web Language:PHP
Servers:1 x Filemaker Server
 1 x Web Server (with Filemaker Server Publishing Engine)
Users:Approx 300 (including buyers and suppliers)