Case Study: Metro Safety


Founded in 1992, Metro Safety is now one of the UK's leading Fire and Health & Safety specialists. Their unique approach to fire, health & safety compliance has seen the business grow consistently over this period.

The new Metro system enables the business to build a sound, flexible and documented foundation for the anticipated development of the company. This was a long-term project in terms of its vision, providing substantial and exciting market opportunities available as a result of its successful deployment.

The Results

Metro needed a system to capitalise on the great areas of opportunity for efficiency gains and customer acquisition and retention. The system now allows Metro to focus on their customers' needs, deliver continuous improvement, embed consistency of execution and improve the clarity of they need to do throughout the entire organisation. To meet Metro's growing needs, the new system gave them:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Transparency
  • Improved communications with stakeholders

Specifically, the system provides Metro with improved reporting to customers, more flexible invoicing, and new testing sheet with barcodes for automatic processing and more efficient handling of historic faults.

"It was all about the design. We explained to Cordis our problem and where we hoped to go. Cordis looked at the issues from angles we'd never envisaged and relentlessly asked probing questions about our true needs.
"In the end, Cordis designed a system that really became the bedrock for our company's growth. I'm not just talking about the logical and scalable architecture, but the user experience that allowed our team to intuitively hit the ground running and embrace the change we feared."
Adrian Rice,
Chief Knowledge Officer, Metro Safety.

Areas of Innovation

  • One of the largest Filemaker systems developed
  • Integration with Google Maps API
  • Automated issues processing of millions of incidents - replacing a previously time-consuming, manual process
  • Integration with postcode systems, to allow automatic scheduling suggestions when developing efficient routes for testers

Key Features

  • Complex issues reporting engine, handling 150,000 site visits every year
  • Intuitive scheduling system, handling site visits across the UK
  • Robust CRM component, managing contacts with multiple address, multiple employee and multiple contact details - all dependant on the nature of the communication required
Client Version:Filemaker 9
Server Version:Filemaker Server 9 Advanced
Servers:1 x Filemaker Server
Users:Approx 70