Case Study: BrightSource Footmark


The solution is at the forefront of a new trend towards ethical business, calculating and reporting on the environmental footprint of marketing campaigns. It provides clients with clarity on their environmental impact, allowing informed decisions to be made on marketing activity. This provides Brightsource with a market-leading proposition.

Benefits to BrightSource

60% of FTSE companies in the UK see climate change as a business opportunity, and 22% see an opportunity to rethink their products and services in the light of climate change*.

The Footmark environmental footprint tool provides Brightsource with a point of competitive advantage when dealing with large corporate companies, who represent their core market. It does this by ensuring that they can provide detailed environmental impact information to clients quickly and clearly. The system reporting allows a customer to view accurate information on not only their carbon footprint, but also the energy and water footprints across all their marketing projects.

Benefits to Brightsource clients:

  • Provides 'product level' footprints, e.g. "this mail pack only uses 15g of carbon"
  • Provides information to help deliver carbon, water or energy savings
  • Provides fundraisers/marketers the reporting that they often need to submit to their boards - overall for the year, and by project/campaign

Environmental impact has become a significant priority for big business over the past few years. Using the Footmark environmental footprint tool, clients are able to choose between several different scenarios for the delivery of their projects, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding issues such as cost versus carbon footprint trade-offs. Brightsource is able to deliver comprehensive information with supporting documentation to backup the footprint calculations.

Integrating with their existing FileMaker-based project management system, the Footmark environmental footprint solution simplifies the provision of environmental reporting enormously. For Brightsource clients, it's now as simple as clicking a button.

Without this tool, the time required to provide this level of environmental reporting would render it impractical in terms of both time and cost. The solution has allowed Brightsource to fully embed environmental awareness into their business processes, providing tangible commercial benefits to them and their clients, and ultimately benefits to the environment.

* Research provided by the Carbon Trust.

Client testimonial

"The Footmark environmental footprint tool provides Brightsource with a powerful competitive advantage within our industry. The environment impact of doing business has always been an important concern for us. As it's now a priority for more and more businesses we've successfully been able to implement a solution using FileMaker that makes measurement of that impact accessible to companies of all sizes."
Peter Frings, Managing Director

Areas of Innovation

In addition to managing complex business rules and user workflow, the solution boasts a series of standout features that are somewhat unique in their implementation in one off custom software development. The highlights include:

  • Integration with graphing tools to provide real-time graphical display
  • Incorporating FileMaker with proprietary Brightsource Intellectual property used in calculating the footprints
  • Rapid Application Development - The first version from conception to demonstrations to Brightsource clients was completed in approximately three weeks - a small fraction of the time it would be sure to have taken using alternative technologies
  • The ability to make the increasingly critical area of measuring environmental impact accessible for a business, using FileMaker technology, is where the true innovation within the project lies
Client Version:Filemaker 9
Server Version:Filemaker 9
Servers:1 x Filemaker Server