Case Study: Arab British Chamber of Commerce


Founded in 1975, the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) is devoted to the encouragement of Arab-British trade and economic co-operation. It offers a wide range of services to both Arab and British companies already involved in or planning to become a part of a long-standing bilateral trading relationship.

The ABCC have thousands of important contacts, and the ability for them to be able to manage, market to and report on those contacts is critical to the ongoing success of their organisation. The ABCC came to Cordis after a solution to bring all their contacts from various sources together into system. We delivered them a complete CRM system to manage the entire relationship they have with their members.

The Problem

The Chamber did not have a single 'central' database for its contact information. Information was spread over several sources therefore access was difficult and relied on requests to different members of staff. Updating a number of databases was a problem. The Chamber wanted all staff to have 'easy' access to information together with an ultimate 'goal' of providing a resource that could generate revenues, both directly (sale of 'lists') and indirectly (enhanced membership package).

The Benefits

The new system is the central source for all information held against the ABCC's members and potential members, including contact information, marketing, events, as well as specific information stored against the Directors of the chamber.

The system provides ABCC with a number of very real benefits, including:

  • Central source of information against both members and potential members
  • Easy management of events, including the tracking of invitations, RSVPs, attendees
  • Ability to create custom mailing lists
  • Mail merge both letters and email
  • Bulk import scripts with de-duplication flagging
  • Flexible contact categorisation to allow for sensitive information

Areas of Innovation

  • First implementation of a new interface framework design, created by Cordis
  • Highly usable and intuitive email marketing module, allowing fast and easy electronic marketing from the chamber
  • Successful migration of 12 different sources of historical data

Key Features

  • Simple, hierarchical navigation system
  • Clean and attractive interface design
  • Email marketing module, allowing the management of multiple mailing lists
  • Event management (including event labels and managing RSVP lists)
  • Unique categorisation of contacts with CRM to handle contacts within both the public and private sectors
  • Multi-user capability
Client Version:Filemaker 9
Server Version:Filemaker Server 9 Advanced
Servers:1 x Filemaker Server