About Cordis

The Beginning

Cordis was conceived by Daniel Box and Aaron Smith in 2002 and commenced business in 2003. With Aaron's background in technical development and Daniel's experience in account and project management, they believed they had the best combination of skills to start a highly integrated technical and media based organisation utilising the nimblest of technologies and straight forward, no nonsense processes.

Customers & Markets

The assumption turned out to be correct, because since its humble beginnings Cordis has serviced some great organisations including Apple Computer, Rolls-Royce, British Gas, Office Depot, WH Smith and Dixons Group to name a few. The customer list continues to grow in diversity and size.


2009 is the most exciting year for Cordis yet with multiple areas of expansion. Significantly, we have moved into our new London Office. Daniel, Director of Cordis said "the new office provides an environment for our developers and customers to collaborate in a creative and innovative space. It's important for us to provide a space where our team enjoy working. We spend so much time in the office at the crunch point of projects that having a great space is often a critical aspect to delivering when we need to."

Going Global

Early 2009 sees our Melbourne office in Australia well and truly established, servicing a number of new clients. Aaron, founder and Director of Cordis has returned to Australia to oversee the development of Cordis there. According to Aaron, "This is a great opportunity for us on several levels. Of course there is the obvious benefits of tapping into a new market, but there's also tremendous benefit for our customers and employees. Our customers now have the ability to have work completed effectively around the clock, because our systems are highly geared to allow geographically split teams to work collaboratively on the same project. Given that it is often impossible to work on a system during business hours, the Cordis 'around the clock' makes working throughout the night easy.

So, whether you're UK or Australian based, using Cordis for FileMaker and Web development gives you access to the best development team ever seen. And what's more, you can tap into it on a virtually 24 hour basis.

  Cube Awards
The Cordis commitment to quality and innovation was recognised in December 2007 with FileMaker awarding Cordis the 2007 Cube Award. In addition, as well as winning the overall award, Cordis also won Best Business Application and was a Finalist in the Impact Award category also. Cordis successfully followed this up with another Finalist Award in the 2008 Cube Awards. Following this, in 2010, Cordis was again awarded the overall Cube Award, cementing our position as the UK's most awarded developer.

FileMaker 10 Certified Developer
As you'd expect, as the UK's most awarded FileMaker Developer, Cordis is a certified developer, providing you with the assurance you need of our commitment to quality and excellence. In addition, Cordis is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Platinum membership is by invitation and is extended only to those organisations who are considered at the pinnacle of FileMaker development. In fact, Cordis is 1 of only a handful of platinum members in the UK and Australia.

FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member